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From Stephanie

I recently bought a second book and I would like to thank you for writing the book. I work with foster children and this book brings so much comfort to them when they first come into foster care or when they change homes. I have read it countless times to children. I the kids hearts begin to heal as they begin to understand that God is with them wherever they go. I believe it is so powerful because they experience the joy of the Lord while getting the message, by looking for the spot it takes their mind off of their difficulties and they are able to hear the message in the book.

Thank you so much for creating and bringing to life this awesome tool that teaches kids that God will be there in Every place and every home. In Christ, Stephanie

Kids get it!

On a recient trip to Israel a young girl climbed on my lap I read her the book "There Is No Spot Where God Is Not", a few days later she was at a friends home and was asked "Maria do you have a dog?" she replied "no our house is too small but there is no spot where God is not!" You think she got the message?


Upbeat and Fun

By Carolyn

An upbeat, fun book that is beautifully illustrated, The text draws you in then surprises you with the deep message of God's love. As a children's director I bought a copy for each of our preschool and children's classes. The kids love the fun and inspiring message, that God's love will find us everywhere. They call it, "the happy book!" It is listed as children's reading but it has value to so many more. It speaks equally well to adults facing issues, especially with prolonged illness or loneliness. Perfect for a senior who needs a loving touch.


For foster kids and adoptees, and those on long, winding journeys.

By Judy Siudara

As a child therapist for over 30 years, I am always on the lookout for good children's book to help children learn truths. Since they learn mostly through play and stories, I am particularly taken w/ There is No spot where God is not. Sadly, we have many children who have many , changing placements and new people in their young lives. And this children's book deals with an area every person has, ( their spiritual Life) but which is seldom discussed for young children. How wonderful to know as a young child that you have support, comfort, caring, no matter what situation in which you find yourself. Besides, the illustrations are lush!
all thumbs up for this book! Judy Siudara


By Mary

What a delightful book, full of charming pictures and whimsical rhyme of God's abiding presence. For young and old, this little book serves as a wonderful reminder that wherever you are, God is there too. I definitely will be giving this book to my grandchildren.

What Fun!

By Rad Nana

My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed this book. They each had a favorite animal (illustrated with so much humor and imagination by Shari Burnett). My personal favorite is the Rhino! It is a simple but very profound message that children can grab a hold of and adults often forget. Grab this book and share it! I am certain you will learn as much from your children or grandchildren's response to it as you will from the message in the book itself.

Love it!

By Sherry Holt

I want the depth of the meaning of "There Is No Spot Where God Is Not" to be assimilated into the hearts of our 5 grandchildren, but also into the hearts of our children who will be reading to them. I foresee that over and over, when life's challenges arrive, there will always be the reminder of this precious truth, "There is not spot where God is not".

Better than Dr. Seuss!

By Margarita LaRue

Just as fun and catchy as Dr. Seuss but it's true! Stick-in-your-head rhymes expressing solid Biblical truth that kids can hold on to when this world becomes a shaky place. A definite fear-buster. I can't wait to read it to my granddaughter! It's one of those ageless books that captivates anyone from one to ninety-one. I'm hoping this team of truth and art are as prolific as Dr. Seuss--the next one can't come too soon.

Love, love, love this book!

By Rhonda

Got this bright, cheerful and encouraging book for our grandchildren. Not only did the title become a sing-song in our heads, but my husband and I found ourselves pouring over the book looking for the hidden spots :)! Love the theme and rhythm of the writing, the colors and the imaginative artwork. Affordable, too!

Must have in your collection,

By Chris Creighton

Got kids?
Got grand kids?
This book is a must have. Such a great book. Really a great addition to our favorites.

Captivating and Creative

By Adelita Garza

I enjoyed the book so much, I wanted others to hear it, so I excitedly read the book to a group of children, teens and adults at a, not so typical place, a restaurant. ALL who listened were captivated by the colorful pages and were creatively drawn into the amazing truth that God is everywhere. They immediately began to ask, 'How can I get one?' I highly recommend owning this book! It's creativity will wrap you into Gods ever-present love and care for you.

Calming and reassuring

By Anjali

A well thought out and a beautifully illustrated book. Being well over the age of reading children's books, did not know what would it do for me. It reassured me. It cemented my belief that I have support from the almighty power in every walk of life.

Inspiring Book!

By Lynn

Travel through this beautifully illustrated and written book and discover new peace, joy and understanding of how God is everywhere and caring for us all the time. All ages will enjoy! -Lynn Heatley

I love this book!

By Trisha

There is No Spot Where God is Not, is a book for any age ever reminding the reader of Gods love, and His ability to meet us anywhere at anytime.


By Kathi

Reading this book stretched our imagination! Took us to places we have been, are going and want to go! AND places we may never see with our eyes.....but this Authoress asked us to imagine and search out the ordinary and extraordinary ways and places God meets us! We listened to this book the first time and let our imagination paint the pictures and then had it in our hands to read for ourselves! Lovely illustrations paint the beginnings of every spot! We bought several books~and will need more!

Grandparent Alert!

By Lynne Farrow

This book is brilliant. I've had the pleasure of seeing it in the different stages of it's birthing. All I can say is that every grandparent should purchase multiple copies for their grandchildren at the earliest possible convenience. The rhymes are Seuss-witty and the illustrations are captivating and colorful in a Potteresque sort of way. There should be no spot where this book is not!

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